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Six Cyber Threats at Play During the Pandemic (Racontuer)

Opportunism is the bread and butter of cyber-attackers. Would-be malicious actors riff on the zeitgeist, exploiting predominant hopes, fears or uncertainties to breach defenses. An... More

CPS 2019: NSA Security Expert Points to People as the Main Problem

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Dr. Eric Haseltine, chairman of the board for the U.S. Technology Leadership Council, was once head of research and development for Walt Disney Imagineer... More

How to Better Defend Against Cyberthreats (ReadWrite)

2019 is half over, and cybercriminals are on the prowl. As internet, mobile, and IoT technologies become more pervasive, the vulnerable points that hackers can target have increase... More

Can Cyberthreat Intelligence Benefit Everyone? (TechWire Asia)

Cyber Threat intelligence has, in recent times, created a lot of buzz in the realm of enterprise cybersecurity. It is essentially a set of information and data gathered on the late... More

An Intelligence-Driven Approach to Cyber Threats (Help Net Security)

In the age of big data, it is easy to think that only machines can detect a signal amid the noise. While it’s true that big data tools can discover signals that might not be obvi... More

6 Emerging Cyber Threats to Look Out for in 2019 (ReadWrite)

AI-Generated phishing emails. Human-generated phishing attacks involve digital messages to trick people into clicking on a malicious link that installs malware or exposes sensitive... More

L.A. Cyber Lab, MPAA Speakers Among Content Protection Summit Highlights

The deputy mayor of the city of Los Angeles, the director of the Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) and a legal head with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA... More

Cybersecurity Professional Salary Increase Reflects Growing Cyber Threat (Verdict)

Cybersecurity professional salary has increased by 6% in just one year, double the UK national average of 2.9%. The pay jump is being driven by an increasing number of global cyber... More

M&E Journal: Assurance: The Game Plan to Winning the Battle Against Dynamic Cyber Threats

By Murali Rao, GM, Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Management Consulting business, Wipro’s Cybersecurity and Risk Services division - Listening to cybersecurity experts c... More

‘The New Cyber Threat of Disinformation’ at the Cyber Security & Content Protection Summit at NAB Show, April 8

LAS VEGAS — Cyber-disinformation threats are now moving from government to the private sector, and media & entertainment is a prime target, according to the keynoter at the u... More