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Resolving the Cloud Security Conundrum (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

Cyber criminals are relentless in their willingness and ability to go after companies of all shapes and sizes around the globe with an ever-increasing quantity and sophistication o... More

M&E Journal: Profits and Privacy: The Trust Paradox

By Tiran Dagan, Chief Digital Officer for Comms, Media, Publishing and Marketing, Cognizant Digital Business's M&E Practice - With privacy paramount, media companies face an uneas... More

Apple’s Masterstroke: Privacy by Design (Digitally Cognizant)

Leave it to Apple to be the game-changer for privacy. The company’s recent announcement that iOS 13 will include single sign-on is a direct hit to the technology sector. Unlike m... More

Data Privacy: Now Comes the Hard Part (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

Our personal data has become currency in the ever expanding digital economy. This shift has become most apparent among tech companies whose business models pivot around the moneti... More

Why New Hires Alone Can’t Solve Your Security Troubles (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

More staff (if you can find it) does not equal better security. Reducing risk also requires automation of manual processes, especially patch management.... More

Five Steps to Ensure Continuous Security with an Agile Approach (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

While there’s plenty of research on integrating security into Agile software methodologies, we’re often left only with “security sandwiches,“ where security is discussed up... More

Breaking Through the Privacy Illusion with Blockchain (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

What is modern-day privacy? With the extent of information sharing and connectivity prevalent today, the definition of what needs to be protected, at what level and from whom, seem... More

A Darwinian Approach to Cybersecurity (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

The need for adequate cybersecurity strategy and technology is obviously vital. But what organizations really need to get to grips with, is that there is no end goal when it comes ... More

Featured Jobs: CBS; NSS Labs; Cognizant

Business Information Security Officer — NYC — CBS DevOps Security Engineer — Austin, TX — NSS Labs Vulnerability Management Lead — Beaver, PA — Cognizant Click here ... More

M&E Journal: Strengthening Digital Content Workflow and Systems Security

By Blake White and Richard Delia, Cognizant Business Consulting’s Communications, Media & Technology Practice - No technology can secure content that the people involved hav... More