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Poor Cyber Resilience: An Organization’s Achilles’ Heel (CIO)

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What Keeps CIOs Up at Night? (WSJ)

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Top 10 Strategic CIO Priorities of 2018 (Forbes)

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Boards of Directors, Managers at Center of Cybersecurity Handbook for Industry (Federal News Radio)

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The CIO Must Take Charge of the Organization’s Application Portfolio (Security Intelligence)

here was a time when every application used in the enterprise application portfolio was either selected and deployed by the chief information officer (CIO) or at least vetted und... More

Questions Every CIO Should Ask the Cybersecurity Leader: Part 3 (Security Intelligence)

ltimately, cybersecurity must ensure that there are proper and effective controls in place to protect an orgainzation’s sensitive business assets, especially the data that differ... More

Why Cybersecurity Spending Will Drive Business Digitization (CIO)

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The Most Critical Gap in Cybersecurity Today: Talent (CSO Online)

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Are You Worried about Cyber Security? You Should Be (CIO)

Companies as large and diverse as Anthem, Target, Sony Picture, Home Depot, and Staples have all recently fallen victim to cyber crime—and the list doesn’t end there. Millions ... More