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China Deletes 7 Million Pieces of Online Information, Thousands of Apps (Reuters)

China’s cyber watchdog said on Wednesday it had deleted more than 7 million pieces of online information as well as 9,382 mobile apps, and it criticized tech giant Tencent’s ne... More

How China Weaned Itself Off Music Piracy (Inkstone)

In the not-so-distant past, almost everyone in China was a pirate. In 2011, China’s digital music piracy rate was 99%, according to a report by the International Federation of th... More

Youku, Irdeto Team to Offer Secure, Premium Content to China (Rapid TV News)

Youku calculates that in 2018, OTT services in China will draw over 229 million viewers and then triple in size within the next five years. In order to take advantage of this, Youk... More

Inside the Slow Workings of the U.S.-China Cybersecurity Agreement (Wall Street Journal)

Getting the world’s two largest powers to work together on a subject as touchy as cybersecurity was always bound to be difficult. How difficult? Nine months after Barack Obama a... More