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Blockchain May Be Good for Security. But Not So Good for Privacy.

Blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly popular as mechanisms to track transactions between parties. The advantage of this technology over its predecessors is its ability... More

Blockchain Could Be the Answer to Cybersecurity – Maybe (WSJ)

One of the most promising cybersecurity tools that exists today is something many people have heard about but few fully understand: blockchain technology.... More

Blockchain Technology: Five Obstacles to Mainstream Adoption (Forbes)

5. Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a challenge in any digital context, and particularly so with the evolving set of services that are built around blockchain technologies.... More

How Secure is Blockchain Really? (MIT Tech Review)

The whole point of using a blockchain is to let people—in particular, people who don’t trust one another—share valuable data in a secure, tamperproof way. That’s because bl... More

Piracy 3.0: The Good, the Bad and Kodi (Variety)

The Good: Blockchain Joins the Fray - When Hollywood filmmaker Jeremy Culver releases his next movie – the romantic indie comedy “No Postage Necessary” – in June, he will t... More

Threat Actors Turn to Blockchain Infrastructure to Host, Hide Malicious Activity (Dark Reading)

In a troubling trend for enterprises and law enforcement, threat actors are ramping up their use of blockchain domains to hide malicious activity and improve their ability to withs... More

Blockchain Roadblocks Hinder Content Protection (IW)

Blockchain platforms promise to help content providers solve thorny digital copyright ownership issues, but whether the technology can ever live up to its potential remains to be s... More

10 Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out for in 2018 (Internet Security Central)

8) Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains - Cryptocurrencies have been an evolution. However, they do have certain drawbacks, especially when it comes to bitcoins. Since Bitcoin transact... More

Thanks to Blockchain, Decentralization – and Data Security – Are the Future (Entrepreneur)

Nowadays, everything is going digital. The photographs we once stored in photo albums are generally no longer printed; they’re stored in online albums. And few people anymore use... More

MESA Members at CES 2018: AI, Blockchain, IoT, OTT and More

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will again be well-represented at the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, taking over Las Vegas Jan. 9-12. This is... More