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Android Developers Susceptible to Data Exposure from XXE Attack (ISE Blog)

Android app developers and reverse engineers are the target of a newly documented vulnerability called ParseDroid, which affects development tools including Android Studio, Intelli... More

Malware That Infiltrates Corporate Networks Spreading (PC World)

An Android malware is spreading across app stores, including Google Play, and has the capability of stealing sensitive files from corporate networks. DressCode, a family of Androi... More

Malware Devs Scour GitHub for New Ideas for Bypassing Android Security (Help Net Security)

Android malware developers are misusing techniques unearthed in GitHub projects to bypass security measures introduced in the latest versions of the mobile OS. GitHub, the largest... More

Irremovable Data-Stealing Android Malware Poses as Google Chrome Update (ZD Net)

A banking and personal information stealing mobile malware posing as a Google Chrome update for Android, and which can't be removed from the infected device, has been spotted in th... More