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Akamai CTO on How Bots are Used Online in Legal, Illegal Ways (Tech Republic)

Learn what a bot is, the spectrum of ways bots are used online (especially in social media), and how bots might be used in the next election cycle. ... More

Akamai CTO: Credential Stuffing Attacks Continue to Challenge Media Companies

Credential stuffing attacks targeting media companies continue to present a major challenge, according to Patrick Sullivan, CTO-security strategy at Akamai. There is ongoing growt... More

Increased Web Traffic, Demand for Security Solutions Boost Akamai Q1 Results (CDSA)

Stronger than expected traffic levels on Akamai’s platform and the continued strong performance of the company’s security solutions helped drive the strong results that it saw ... More

NAGRA Touts Akamai Edge Network Watermarking Partnership

NAGRA April 20 announced it’s NexGuard streaming forensic watermarking solution has been integrated with the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, adding another level of protection ... More

Verimatrix, Akamai Announce Server-Side Watermarking Integration (Rapid TV News)

Aiming to protect its customers from the threats of illicit video redistribution and securing the digital experiences it delivers, Akamai has entered a collaboration with content p... More

Akamai CEO Touts Traffic Growth on its Platform, Warns of Increased Cybersecurity Risks

Akamai saw global traffic on its platform grow 30% over the past month as Internet usage soared around the world amid the coronavirus crisis, according to Akamai CEO and co-founder... More

Akamai’s Tony Lauro on How to Protect a Customer Loyalty Program (Cyber Scoop)

Akamai’s Director of Security Technology & Strategy Tony Lauro talks about hackers’ attempts to crack open customer loyalty programs and what enterprises can do to stop it.... More

Akamai Takes Content Protection to the Edge

Akamai March 25 announced it has added additional watermarking partners to its content protection ecosystem, offering yet another level of service protection against piracy threats... More

Akamai: API Attacks by Cybercriminals are on the Rise

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are increasingly being targeted in hostile takeover attempts, according to Akamai Technologies. “We have a really consistent amount of ... More

Akamai: Cybercriminals are Attacking APIs at Financial Services Firms (VentureBeat)

Akamai research highlights a troubling trend: Cybercriminals are targeting applications programming interfaces (APIs) at financial services firms. In the “Akamai 2020 State of th... More