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Tackling Video Piracy Head On (Broadcast)

Akamai’s Ian Munford on his concerns about the rise of piracy and what can be done to defeat the pirates.... More

Top 5 Reasons Phishing Attacks Haven’t Dried Up (Akamai Blog)

Phishing is still the attack beachhead for many of the cyberattacks we read about week in, week out. 20 years on from AOL being hit by hackers, businesses are still struggling to a... More

Paradigm Shift Left VPNs, Edge Security Awaiting Long-Term Strategy (CIO Dive)

Akamai was in the process of redesigning its office space into a more open concept, when COVID-19 eliminated the office environment entirely, said Maha Pula, VP of Solutions Engine... More

Akamai Piracy Paper Stresses Better Data, Collaboration

Ian Munford, director of industry strategy, marketing and solutions for Akamai, surveys the current piracy landscape, and sees a number of problems: the worldwide data around pirac... More

Trust, Communication Rises in a Post-CCPA World (Akamai Blog)

Six months ago, the California Consumer Privacy Act was put into effect, granting California residents increased rights over how their personal data is gathered and shared by the c... More

Akamai: Media Industry Bombarded By Credential Stuffing Attacks (CDSA)

Between January 2018 and last December, the media industry was bombarded with approximately 17 billion credential-stuffing attacks, with cybercriminals constantly testing content c... More

The Only Constant is Change – Rethinking Secure Access for a New Workforce (Akamai Blog)

It seems like a long time ago now when IT teams had their annual strategy meeting, where topics related to network modernization with SASE or SD-WANs, threat prevention, and cloud ... More

Akamai CEO Sees an Increase in Devices Going to Malware Sites (Bloomberg)

Video: Tom Leighton, chief executive officer of Akamai, says cyber attacks are on the rise with so many individuals working from home.... More

NAGRA, Akamai, Others Deliver New Security Features for Oscars’ Screening Platform

A collaboration of media and entertainment technology companies has added forensic watermarking, enabled by cloud services providers, to be utilized by the Academy Screening Room, ... More

Akamai Execs: M&E Sector is Seeing Challenges and Opportunities From Pandemic

The media and entertainment industry is facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic that include increased piracy and the shutdown of many film and TV productions, but there are a... More