Spotlight Submission



CDSA’s Content Protection Summit (CPS) is produced annually in Los Angeles each December. Our 2019 CPS event was the 10th annual and, over the years, we’ve expanded to satellite events that include Las Vegas (at NAB) and New York City (as part of MESA’s M&E Day event).

Here are the dates where your submission will be considered:

  • Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit: April 18, Las Vegas
  • M&E Day: October 17, New York
  • CDSA’s Content Protection Summit: December 2, Los Angeles

We’re looking to our MESA membership for presentation proposals on the MAIN STAGE that specifically address thought leadership on a topic or area for our industry.  These are brief, 15-minute presentations so please be focused in your approach and scope.

Your submission below will be considered for all of our CPS events and will be vetted by CDSA’s Board of Directors and Content Advisors (click here for the current list).

Please submit a title/descriptor that suits your company’s area of expertise.

Submission deadlines for the CPS events listed above will be 60 days prior to the event date.

Thanks in advance for your attention and look forward to seeing you at our next CDSA Content Protection Summit!

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