Production Security Guidelines

The Film & Television Production Security Guidelines have been prepared by CDSA’s Production Security Working Group (PSWG). The group is made up of security executive representatives from many of the major studios and film and television producers, PGA members, and members of the CDSA’s board of directors.

The guidelines are dense and it is not expected that all producers and crew will read them cover to cover. They should serve as a reference resource for all to go to when addressing specific policies, procedures or implementations. Click these links below to view and download PDF versions of all the documents:

The PSWG have worked to create an industry security standard for preventing and otherwise defending against the unauthorized or unintentional access to intellectual property in this era of evolving security threats, particularly cyber threats, which requires technical controls and effective security management processes. These Guidelines and Appendix were created to crew can learn and apply these principals, where applicable, on any production for any producer. Every production will be different, will have different priorities and different resources. These guidelines are recommendations. Each production will need to determine how they implement them.

Understanding the whole of the security best practices, how they work together, build on each other, depend on each other, use similar functions and rules, relate the physical to the virtual spaces and assets, will enable the security team to better plan for and promote smart secure practices on the production.

CDSA’s Production Security Working Group (PSWG) is open to participation by CDSA Board member companies and other invited guests. For questions, comments, or to communicate with the PSWG’s Co-Chairs, please e-mail: [email protected]