Process Outline

copyrightandlicensinglogo1This brief outline should help you understand the steps necessary to achieve plant certification.

  • Replication plant requests CDSA Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program packet. Obtain and read entire Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program Standards.
  • Plant representative completes Site Application for Certification and returns form to CDSA with appropriate payment (see Program Fee Schedule).
  • The plant representative and the CDSA Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program Director schedule the Anti-Piracy training session. The plant develops the implementation schedule and submits it to CDSA.
  • Create an Anti-Piracy Compliance Manual, or modify existing documents, procedures and processes that meet or exceed current CDSA Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program standards.
  • Train all involved personnel appropriately, implement the CDSA Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program and run for 30 days.
  • Using plant personnel, conduct internal audits to assess effectiveness of documents, procedures and processes. Make adjustments as necessary to be in compliance with CDSA standards.
  • Schedule initial external Certification Audit with CDSA Director of Anti-Piracy and CDSA auditor to take place no later than 12 months after the enrollment date.
  • CDSA conducts initial external Certification Audit of the plant’s documents, procedures and processes.
  • A successful Initial Certification Audit leads to certification for a period of six months.
  • An external CDSA surveillance audit is required six months after the Initial Certification Audit to ensure compliance with the program has been maintained.
  • A successful Continuation Audit leads to re -certification for a period of one year.
  • Documented internal audits are required midpoint between external annual surveillance audits. Report findings of internal self-audits and resulting corrective actions of internal self-audits to CDSA.

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