Filmbankmedia Selects Irdeto TraceMark to Bolster Content Security

Representing Hollywood majors, leading Bollywood and independent studios and distributors internationally for non-theatrical content distribution and technology solutions, Filmbankmedia now uses Irdeto’s forensic watermark for enhanced content security.

Co-owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and NT Digital Partners, Filmbankmedia has been licensing film and TV content for over 35 years to a wide array of sectors ranging from healthcare, hotels, transport, maritime, education to outdoor cinemas, film clubs, and more. The company is also a purveyor of specialized studio approved technology solutions tailored to non-theatrical settings.

Filmbankmedia’s selection of Irdeto as its security partner underscores its trust in Irdeto’s cutting-edge solutions to safeguard their valuable content. The Irdeto TraceMark™ solution is at the heart of this initiative, offering a comprehensive strategy to uniquely watermark each file distributed to Filmbankmedia’s partners. This approach is key to tracking any unauthorized copies back to the individual distributor.

Irdeto TraceMark™ stands out for its seamless integration and effectiveness in detecting and tracing leaked files. This award-winning, patented forensic watermarking solution is available in both headend and client options, catering to a range of use cases. From identifying vulnerabilities in distribution channels to pinpointing individual pirate sessions, Irdeto TraceMark™ empowers Filmbankmedia to disrupt unauthorized streams right at their source.

The solution’s cloud-based managed service embeds an invisible, unique forensic watermark into live content, either in the cloud-based headend or the client application.

Through extensive monitoring, the identity of the end-user responsible for pirated content is derived from this watermark, enabling Filmbankmedia to efficiently track, identify, and act against piracy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Irdeto in deploying its advanced forensic watermarking technology. We believe that Irdeto’s innovative approach to content security, especially in this era of widespread digital piracy, is crucial for protecting our extensive catalogue of films and TV programs. Their solution aligns with our commitment to safeguarding the content, effectively enhancing our security measures” said Andrea Cavalieri, CTO of Filmbankmedia.

“We are excited to expand our collaboration with Filmbankmedia,” said Andrew Bunten, COO of Video Entertainment at Irdeto. “Irdeto’s insights from decades of fighting piracy and cyber threats, coupled with the best technology and a team of specialists from both companies, will be key to shutting down pirates and cyber criminals.”