VDM Integrates NAGRA Forensic Watermarking Across its Next Generation Media Platform

NAGRA announced that France-based Video Digital Multimedia has integrated NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking to enhance content protection across its distribution workflows.

“NAGRA provides the most efficient, flexible, and powerful solution that seamlessly integrates into mediaspot®, our Digital Media Platform. This ensures that our customers’ valuable assets remain secure from production to distribution, with no impact on quality or lead time.” said Sébastien Arlaud, Director of Business and Innovation at VDM. “Available as a subscription-based option of mediaspot®, forensic watermarking capabilities are configurable and can be activated for one title, for the full catalogue, for content that meets a particular criteria or just automatically applied – customers are free to decide.”

NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking is integrated into VDM’s mediaspot® file distribution service to uniquely watermark all content delivered and published to third parties. The solution allows for quick and efficient identification of any source of content leaks, providing content owners with key intelligence for anti-piracy actions, while acting as a strong deterrent against illegal copying or distribution.

“We pride ourselves on being the trusted partner for innovative companies, like VDM, who recognise that security can no longer be considered optional—but rather a core component to protect valuable assets essential to business success,” said Olivier Met, SVP EMEA region at NAGRA. “NAGRA NexGuard continues to be the proven solution that delivers results for production and post-production houses, enabling them to keep control over the valuable content they produce as it progresses along increasingly distributed workflows.”