Content Protection Summit 2022: The Evolution of Security

Bringing experts from across security, content production and distribution, and business operations, the Dec. 6 Content Protection Summit (CPS) in Los Angeles will be a year-end gathering of media and entertainment professionals you don’t want to miss.

From the keynote by Kiersten E. Todt, chief of staff of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA; interviewed by Roger Cressey, NBC counter-terrorism analyst and former Presidential advisor); to the security input of both hackers and storytellers; to the insights from the likes of Comcast, Disney, Convergent Risks, Richey May Technology Solutions, Fortinet, GeoComply and more, the full-day event will focus on how best to make security part of content and business processes, while ingraining it in the culture of any company. Nearly 30 speakers in all will take the stage.

Presented by the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), the panels and sessions aim to help creatives, both in art and technology, securely realize their visions, and champions securing in the “PRE,” where the foundational architecture and technology stack of the project are discussed.

The challenge faced, across multiple business units, in the content creation and distribution chain is deciding on “built-in v. bolted-on” with “it’s just in there” security when crafting collaborative work environments and increasingly “flexible” workflows.

Held in-person in Los Angeles, and virtually in the MESAverse, MESA’s virtual work environment for its members and communities, the event at the Skirball Center will see industry stakeholders mingle with counterparts, demo the latest offerings from top Hollywood vendors, and watch presentations, with an emphasis on content protection in a virtual production era.

Keynotes, panel discussions, and technology showcases are designed to offer senior-level content and information security experts the key information around the latest in content protection across the entire supply chain for entertainment. Production security, post-production workflows and the growing ecosystems of platforms and connectivity that are driving the secure content creation and distribution process. Additionally, anti-piracy and IP protection will be covered as our industry works collaboratively to secure our most important assets.

Produced by MESA, CDSA’s Content Protection Summit is sponsored by Convergent Risks, Fortinet, Richey May Technology Solutions, GeoComply, Signiant, Verimatrix, Shift Media and EIDR.

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