INTRUSION Offers Tips to Avoid Ransomware at Dec. 16 CPS

Hollywood’s all about the making your name, where the talented take their shot at celebrity and the spotlight. Unless you’re talking about ransomware, of course.

With the cost and frequency of cyberattacks growing every year, and the move to remote, hybrid workforce only exasperating the problem, protecting against ransomware has become a horror film for every industry. But when it happens to media and entertainment, the problem becomes even bigger headlines, with not only financial repercussions, but bigger spotlights on the personal information of the names and data of the famous put at risk.

At the Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit event in Los Angeles, Gary Davis, chief evangelist for cybersecurity firm INTRUSION, will detail the current ransomware threat landscape, and cover all the ways you can work to stop it, in the presentation “Fighting Ransomware and Remaining Out of the Spotlight.”

“In this session you’ll learn how cybercriminals are honing their skills and techniques to get access to your data along with ways to more effectively combat those attacks,” he said.

Produced by MESA and presented by IBM Security and Synamedia, the Content Protection Summit is sponsored by Convergent Risks, Richey May Technology Solutions, PacketFabric, archTIS, Code42, INTRUSION, NAGRA, StoneTurn and Vision Media.

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