Hackers Cast Out 300% More Phishing Attacks Via Messages (CBR)


There has never been a time when more cybersecurity caution has been required when traversing the online world, with the volume of messages carrying malicious phishing payloads spiking by a massive 300 per cent.

Emails and messages are not the only dangerous delivery methods employed by hackers when phishing for unsuspecting users, social media accounts are also being used as vehicles to instigate attacks.

Since the third quarter of 2017, a 70 per cent increase in phishing links in social media accounts was recorded by security specialist, Proofpoint, also responsible for noting the massive rise in message based attacks.

These statistics were provided by Proofpoint as part of its Q4 Threat Report, in which it also revealed that the Trick banking Trojan accounted for 84 per cent of malicious banking spam.