Fee Schedule

CDSA Copyright & Licensing Verification Anti-Piracy Compliance Program consists of three, fee-based steps.

Step One: Program Application

Receipt of your application and $5,500 US fee is the first step in the certification process. Once you are accepted into the program you will be provided the following program documents:

Sample Procedure Manual
Internal Audit Guidelines
IPR Form
Summary Agreement Form
Grant of Rights Letter Form
Manual Review
Copyright & Licensing Search Sites
The sample manual must be modified to meet your specific requirements. The application fee also includes:

A review of your plant’s modified manual to develop a starting point for the certification phase. If necessary, changes will be recommended to bring your manual in compliance with CDSA standards.
A comprehensive training session.
The training session consists of three distinctive elements: An Overview, Procedures Manual and Auditing. Learn how your organization can effectively and efficiently implement the required standards. This on-site training session allows for up to 12 personnel to attend. The CDSA Director of Anti-Piracy will schedule training session with you. Group sessions may be possible, consult your local CDSA representative.

Program fees are net payable to CDSA and are subject to change without notice Additional taxes and other charges imposed by government and similar regulations and taxes are not included. Fee: $5,500 US, payable with application for admission into the Anti-Piracy Program.

Step Two: Initial APCP Certification Phase

The Initial Certification Phase requires an audit to be conducted upon confirmation of manuals and procedures documentation. The Initial Certification Phase is valid for six months. Fees for the Initial Certification Phase include the cost of the certification audit and participation in the program. The fee is determined by the number of molding cavities or laser beam recorders at the plant and by your company’s CDSA membership status.

Fees for the Initial Certification Phase must be paid to CDSA prior to the on-site audit.

Fees for Certification Phase:

CDSA Member Company Rates
Small Plant* $ 6,000 US
Midsize Plant** $ 8,000 US
Medium Plant*** $11,000 US
Large Plant**** $17,000 US

Non-Member Rates
Small Plant* $ 11,000 US
Midsize Plant** $14,000 US
Medium Plant*** $18,000 US
Large Plant**** $26,000 US

*Small Plant has either three or fewer molding cavities or two or fewer laser beam recorders.
**Midsize Plant has either four and no more than six molding cavities or two or fewer laser beam recorders.
***Medium Plant has either seven and no more than fifteen molding cavities or up to three laser beam recorders.
***Large Plant has either sixteen or more molding cavities or four or more laser beam recorders.

Note: 1) Plant size is determined by the criteria placing it in the larger class. 2) If a follow-up re-audit is necessary due to non-compliance during the initial audit, a charge of $2,500 per auditor per day applies.

Step Three: Program Continuation Annual Fee

After the initial Certification (a six-month period) the plant renews its certification with its first annual program continuation audit and annual audits thereafter; see fees below. Internal audits must be conducted six months after the first external audit and annually thereafter. Annual fees include the audit and program participation.

The Annual continuation fees are:

CDSA Members Non-Members
Small Plant* $5,500 $10,500
Midsize plant** $7,000 $13,000
Medium plant*** $9,000 $18,000
Large plant**** $11,000 $22,000
Note: If a re-audit is necessary due to major nonconformity(ies) during the Surveillance Audit, a minimum charge of $3,000 per auditor per day applies. Travel expenses are additional. APCP fees subject to change.