DigitalFilm Tree: Remote Work Has ‘Emboldened’ Hackers


Working remotely with sensitive content assets used to be a rare luxury for creative professionals. Today it’s a necessity.

And yet while the global pandemic seen the M&E industry rapidly adopt new workflows and tools to enable work-from-home worldwide, Hollywood-based post-production DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) sees a problem that needs to be addressed.

“In the era of COVID-19, the entire world made a hard pivot into new ways of life and remote workflows,” said DFT COO, Nancy Jundi. “These forced innovations also emboldened hackers. Where targets had mostly been low-lying fruit — like unaware college kids working on unsecured laptops — they’ve now taken aim at higher-profile targets working on unaired media from home on commercial WiFi.”

On Thursday, July 23, Jundi and DFT CEO and founder Ramy Katrib will tackle the security missteps that exist in today’s remote work environment, during the free webinar “Secure Post in the Age of COVID – Guarding Your Media From Hackers.”

Before the COVID-19 crisis, the industry’s security solutions focused mainly on what it took to lock down facilities, with remote workstations treated as an afterthought. DFT — after spending years cloud-based network infrastructure for remote workflows — has insights into what the industry at large can be doing better to secure dailies, VFX, communications, and every other corner of the post-production world.

“Our webinar will explore this new Wild West of securing content, as well as offer real-world solutions for anyone working remotely, along with a look at virtual innovations that keep those on set safer and better-equipped for our new distanced realities,” Jundi said.

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