NAGRA NexGuard Forensic Watermarking Integrates With AWS (HITS)

Content protection and multiscreen TV solutions firm NAGRA has announced API integration of its NexGuard forensic watermarking technologies into Elemental MediaConvert, the file-based video transcoding service featuring broadcast-grade offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The companies said the integration will provide content owners and third-party vendors working with premium content an added layer of security and traceability for pre-release and early release content workflows. The integration will also simplify the watermarking process for file transcoding and OTT content preparation, the companies said.

“We’re excited to extend our collaboration with AWS and give our shared customers the ability to leverage the power of AWS Elemental to easily automate the NexGuard watermarking process and ensure an extra level of security for their early-release and pre-release assets whether they are movies, TV series, original content or online screenings,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, VP of anti-piracy for NAGRA. “For e-screeners and OTT streaming, these new capabilities can be combined with our existing integration with the Amazon CloudFront CDN ensuring robust security and traceability of premium assets in pre-release and direct-to-consumer scenarios, providing an additional safeguard against leaks and piracy.”

NexGuard forensic watermarking for pre-releases — including NexGuard ClipMark for short-form content — being made available in AWS Elemental MediaConvert enables full automation for the watermarking process from the cloud, with no extra steps required to apply forensic watermarking in the transcoding of pre-release content.

The API integration of NexGuard Streaming forensic watermarking with AWS Elemental MediaConvert will enable OTT, direct-to-consumer, and VOD platforms the ability to apply unique and imperceptible watermarks for every streaming session.