NAGRA, Akamai, Others Deliver New Security Features for Oscars’ Screening Platform

A collaboration of media and entertainment technology companies has added forensic watermarking, enabled by cloud services providers, to be utilized by the Academy Screening Room, a screening platform for Academy members used as part of the viewing process for the Oscars.

Video tech platform Brightcove coordinated with pay TV tech and security provider NAGRA, edge platform specialist Akamai, and DRM company BuyDRM, to deliver the offering, using NAGRA NexGuard Streaming forensic watermarking, Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery, and the KeyOS MultiKey Service.

The new forensic watermarking feature will enable the Academy to control piracy across its platform by auditing content, and track down stolen content and distribution channels.

“Security is of the utmost importance to the Academy, which led us to partner with Brightcove, NAGRA, Akamai, and BuyDRM as their solutions are the best on the market to protect us against piracy related to the Oscars,” said Bev Kite, CIO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “Forensic watermarking is a significant breakthrough for the Academy, as well as for the entire film industry because it demonstrates how video technologies have evolved to include critical security functionalities that protect against piracy.

“As a result of our work with Brightcove, NAGRA, Akamai, and BuyDRM, the Academy can continue to deliver content to our members, while strengthening security measures to maintain confidentiality, and protect artists and intellectual property.”

The Academy platform allows for desktop and mobile web access, as well as viewing via tvOS applications. The updated security will prevent streaming platform users from recording content, recording with other devices, or removing video clips.

“Leveraging NAGRA’s strong heritage in the media and entertainment industry, we’re honored to be selected by the Academy to enable their transition from physical to digital distribution of movies and ensure their content remains secure at every step of the process,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, VP of anti-piracy for NAGRA. “Our NexGuard Streaming solution is the industry-standard in ensuring the protection of high-value on-demand streaming content. The ability to apply server-side watermarking with no changes to the player enables the widest device and app reach, and allows for seamless and secure digital screeners.”

Amit Kasturia, senior media product manager for Akamai, added: “The Academy’s forensic watermarking implementation shows how Brightcove, NAGRA, Akamai, and BuyDRM can form an ecosystem that supports enhanced security across the entire content delivery workflow while maintaining the high quality of experience that viewers expect. These combined capabilities can help protect the Academy against attempts by pirates to steal content and minimize their means of illegal redistribution.”