Final Program Announced for May 12 Cybersecurity, Content Protection Summit

A keynote presentation by the cybersecurity specialist known as “The Ethical Hacker,” a bevy of vendor presentations covering everything from the cloud to digital screeners, studio presentations around how they view securing home work stations, and industry updates from the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) and the Trusted Partner Network (TPN).

All that and more is on tap May 12 during the annual Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit (CCPS), being held digitally as part of the NAB Show Express experience, as the M&E security industry at large gathers to share what they’ve learned during the ongoing remote work reality.

Here is what attendees of the event can expect:

• Following opening remarks by Guy Finley, president of the CDSA and Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), and John-Thomas Gaietto, CISSP, and executive director of cybersecurity services for Richey May Technology Solutions, Ralph Echemendia, the cybersecurity specialist known as “The Ethical Hacker” will deliver the day’s keynote, “Securing the Future of Media & Entertainment.”

As M&E accelerates its digital transformation during the global pandemic, he’ll examine how companies and engineers are safeguarding and securing emerging systems, workflows and platforms that are being adopted. Echemendia will look at the new threats and vulnerabilities increased interactivity and interconnectivity could be producing, and share insights into how “hacking” is also being used as a tool for manipulating perceptions.

Understanding what is “real” is more opaque than ever, and hacks are exposing everyone to threat risks.

• In the presentation “The Ides of March: From the Frontlines of WFH/Remote,” James Hurrell, head of content operations and localization for BBC Studios, Alex Pickering, content security director for BBC Studios, and Ahmed Saleh, head of content security for Amazon Studios, will share how they’re securing content creation and distribution workflows in a remote access and work-from-home (WFH) world. After seeing teams scramble, vendors step up, and new technologies adopted, in just a matter of weeks the industry transformed. It took critical security decisions early on to make that happen.

• Michael Wylie, director of cybersecurity services for Richey May Technology Solutions, will share how the WFH reality has changed the overall security outlook for 2020, and how security teams can plan a COVID-19 exit strategy, in the presentation “Security Implication of ‘Work from Home’: The Year of Breaches.” Click here for a deeper preview into what to expect.

• The presentation “Setting the Standards and Systems for Remote Access and Back to Work” sees Seth Hallen, president of the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), and Mark Harrison, managing director of the DPP, taking a broad look at both the individual work and the increased collaboration of industry associations and their members during the pandemic. Industry groups have played a critical role in how to tackle these increasingly challenging production and distribution models, and provided a foundation of infrastructure of risk mitigation, management and security.

• Following the morning program that approaches work from home — and the security of media and entertainment — from all angles, click here to see what attendees can expect from the 10-minute, quick-look afternoon portions of the summit.

• Richard Atkinson, GM and senior director of global non-genuine segment and fraud prevention for Adobe, and Shira Harrison, VP of IT for Amblin Entertainment, will take part in the midday discussion “What is the ‘New Normal’ for the Security Community?” Software evolution, production technology, cloud-based workflows, increased SaaS adoption and other game-changing strategies have emerged as successful case studies in the transformation of the industry. The breadth of the impact and options, timelines and relevant technologies used offer a successful roadmap to 100% recovery.

Beginning at 1:30 p.m., CCPS attendees are welcome to extend their insights into industry security issues with a two-hour program on the latest happening with the CDSA and TPN:

• Following welcome remarks from Pickering, chairman of the board for CDSA, TPN CEO Finley, and Ben Stanbury, chairman emeritus of CDSA and TPN CTO, will share an update on TPN in the discussion “The Evolution of Assessments Across Media and Entertainment.” It was at the 2018 NAB Show and CDSA and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) launched TPN, a global, industrywide content security initiative, introduced to elevate the security standards of the motion picture and TV industry’s global production and distribution supply chain. The 18 months of assessments focused on global site security assessments, and the next phase will examine information security in the facility, across applications and in the cloud.

• “The Global Approach to the ME-ISAC” has Christopher Taylor, director of the CDSA’s Media & Entertainment Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ME-ISAC), sharing how it’s designed to complement the TPN by providing threat analysis, information and guidance for protecting your business, regardless of size or location, against emerging cybersecurity and digital threats. The ISAC provides the platform and means for secure and timely collaboration about threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and incidents between trusted partners of the media and entertainment industry.

• Marc Zorn, the former head of production security for HBO/WarnerMedia, will analyze the impact of dynamic work environments today, in the presentation “Why Information Security Isn’t Somebody Else’s Problem.” Constantly evolving workflows — where intellectual property is created throughout the entire arc — is blurring the distinctions between phases, business units and third-party providers. Technologies are emerging that support contiguous and bi-directional workflows, as the industry move collaboration toward cloud.

• “A Cultural Revolution: Content Security vs. Information Security” will see Taylor, Ben Schofield, project manager for CDSA and product manager for TPN, Abdul Hakim, program delivery manager for DPP, and Zorn look at the evolution of protecting content now that the media ecosystem has quickly migrating to cloud infrastructure. The intersection of content security and information security has been present for years, and that complexity has grown with the increasing availability of new tools and services that solve a practical or immediate business need for businesses and creatives alike.

Presented by Richey May Technology Solutions, with sponsorship by Akamai, Cyberhaven, Microsoft Azure, SHIFT, Convergent Risks, and the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), the Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit will focus on the latest cybersecurity and content protection challenges studios, broadcasters and vendors alike are facing during the ongoing pandemic.

Produced under the direction of the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) Board of Directors and content advisors representing Amazon Studios, Adobe, Paramount, BBC Studios, NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, WarnerMedia, Amblin Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, and Lego Group, this year’s Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit will also look ahead at the challenges facing the security community in 2020 and beyond.

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