YANGAROO Completes TPN Assessment (CDSA)


YANGAROO has completed its Trusted Partner Network assessment. “MPA best practice compliance through the TPN program enables YANGAROO to serve its customers better. In today’s world, with sensitivities around TV and entertainment content, YANGAROO has taken a further step in assuring the highest degrees of trust using industry recognized best practices when managing and delivering digital content,” said Gary Moss, President, and CEO.

The TPN, a joint venture between the Motion Picture Association (“MPA”) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (“CDSA”), is a new, global, industry-wide film and television content protection initiative. The TPN program helps companies prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of their customers’ movies and television content before their intended release and seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within the film and television industry.

Grant Schuetrumpf, President, Advertising, added, “Protection and security around management and delivery of content is paramount in ensuring we look after our customer’s best interests. The TPN compliance assessment is an industry best practice, so brands, corporations, agencies, film and television studios, production companies, linear and digital broadcasters are now further assured their content is protected and secure when using YANGAROO. MPA compliance through the TPN program further improves our Service Levels Agreements and responses to ongoing Requests for Proposals and Information by marketing consultancy firms and procurement departments.”