NAGRA, Irdeto Announce New Android TV Solutions

Content protection companies NAGRA and Irdeto have both announced new partnerships for Android TV streaming solutions, geared toward helping operators deploy Android TV-based services quickly and securely.

First up, NAGRA has announced partnerships with broadband customer premise equipment (CPE) provider KAON, Android TV smart set-top box company SDMC, and semi-conductor company Amlogic on a pair of solutions.

With KAON, NAGRA is developing an Android TV streaming platform that will enable delivery of OTT and hybrid Android TV-based services, offered through the NAGRA Android Fast Track program. Pre-integrated with NAGRA security clients (NAGRA Connect and NAGRA Protect), along with a new hybrid set-top box designed by KAON (based on the Broadcom BCM7268 chipset), the solution will enable delivery of secure, advanced TV features.

“We are excited to work with KAON and Broadcom to offer a new solution to pay TV operators that is designed to accelerate time to market of Android TV-based services,” said Maurice Van Riek, SVP and head of content and asset security at NAGRA. “We look forward to leveraging our expertise in securing Android TV deployments and our Fast Track ecosystem to drive even more opportunities for pay TV operators wanting to take advantage of the Android TV opportunity while helping them protect their premium content assets from new forms of piracy.”

Edward Shin, EVP and head of global business development for KAON, added: “We are very pleased to get on board the Android TV journey together with NAGRA and Broadcom to enable a fast and secure way for pay TV operators to adopt Android TV through the NAGRA Android Fast Track Program.”

With SDMC and Amlogic — the newest technology vendors to join the NAGRA Android Fast Track program — NAGRA is developing a secure end-to-end solution that will be pre-integrated with the NAGRA Connect security client, and a new hybrid set-top box from SDMC, powered by the Amlogic S905X3 series system-on-chip (SoC).

“By adding NAGRA security clients to Amlogic’s DVB-C hybrid STB platform, we’re committed to removing barriers for pay TV operators through highly secure hybrid STBs that deliver a great multimedia user experience to consumers,” said James Xie, SVP of corporate business strategy for Amlogic.

Meanwhile, Irdeto is also partnering with Amlogic, as well as set-top box manufacturer Skyworth Digital, to launch a production-ready, hybrid STB reference design, under Google’s Android TV program. The solution promises to provide operators with a pre-certified, cost-efficient hybrid Android TV platform, one that reduces launch time by up to six months.

Irdeto’s Android TV security solution Irdeto Armor will be included in the solution, ensuring high levels of security for premium content delivery. Part of Irdeto Armor, App Watch, will also help prevent the use of malicious and pirate apps or add-ons on set-tops.

“We’ve seen hybrid Android TV STBs as strategic additions to operators’ portfolio, enabling operators to launch premium services at the speed and cost-efficiency they couldn’t achieve on proprietary platforms,” said Steeve Huin, VP of strategic partnerships, business development and marketing for Irdeto. “With more at stake, operators must ensure the best security for both the content and the platform, including protection from malicious and pirate apps and add-ons on the set-top box. This partnership provides a secure, production-ready hybrid STB reference design that is pre-certified, meaning that operators will see an even quicker deployment for Android TV.”