CPS 2019: Afternoon Keynoter to Offer Proactive Deepfake Ideas


When industry leaders from Hollywood studios, TV networks and the content production community converge on the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles Dec. 4 for the 10th annual Content Protection Summit, they should already be well-versed on the subject of deepfakes, and how artificial intelligence can be used to manipulate videos and images, making it difficult to know what’s real, and what can be trusted.

But do they know that those same advanced technologies being used for fakery, forgery and manipulation can also be turned into tools for detection and authentication?

That’s the message Anthony Sahakian, CEO of Swiss-based tech company Quantum Integrity will bring when he takes the stage for the afternoon keynote “Business in The Age of Manipulation.”

Quantum Integrity has been working for years on AI-based software that can detect deepfake videos and images, and its pilot solutions are geared toward numerous industries where deepfakes are in issue, including journalism and media, the insurance industry, and legal systems.

Last year, Sahakian’s company is adding deep learning technology to the mix, in an effort to keep up with savvy, sophisticated and often one-step-ahead creators of deepfakes, who are also employing AI-generated manipulated images and videos. “One of the unique advantages of our project is that we will train the AI systems using real-world forged content that are put at our disposition by business partners of our company,” he said in an interview with

His CPS presentation will point out the billions of potential dollars at stake in the world of deepfakes, how the tools and technology used to create them are becoming commonplace (and even free), and will share ideas on how media and entertainment can avoid deepfake troubles with the right tech.

The Content Protection Summit is produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), and is presented by SHIFT, with sponsorship by IBM Security, NAGRA, Convergent Risks, LiveTiles, EIDR and Richey May Technology Solutions.

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