Akamai Gives ISPs a Cybersecurity Boost

Akamai Oct. 16 announced several updates to its Security and Personalization Services (SPS) Secure Business solution for internet service providers (ISPs), including a cloud-based deployment model, customizable service offerings and enhanced threat coverage.

Touted as a turnkey security solution for small- and mid-sized business (SMB) customers, Akamai’s SPS Secure Business is designed to help ISPs quickly identify new revenue opportunities with differentiated security services tailored specifically to SMB needs.

“Cybersecurity and the dynamic nature of potentially disruptive cyberthreats are among the key challenges that business owners must contend with in today’s hyperconnected world,” said Shena Tharnish, VP of cybersecurity products for Comcast Business. “Using Akamai’s SPS Small Business solution, Comcast Business developed an affordable cybersecurity solution for our small business customers with Comcast Business SecurityEdge, which helps customers defend against security threats like malware and bots as they focus on running and growing their businesses.”

Comcast Business uses Akamai’s SPS Secure Business as part of its new Comcast Business SecurityEdge cloud-based internet cybersecurity solution, to help businesses protect devices connected to Comcast Business Internet against cyberthreats without the need for additional hardware. Comcast Business SecurityEdge also uses Akamai’s threat intelligence capabilities to automatically update domain threats for its customers every 10 minutes.

Pointing to a study from the National Small Business Association, which showed that 47% of small business owners manage cybersecurity themselves, Akamai’s touting its SPS Secure Business as a solution for ISPs to offer SMBs enterprise-grade security defenses, with continuously updated DNS-based threat intelligence that defends against ransomware, malware, botnets and phishing campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to work with leading ISPs in developing a set of effective, easy-to-use cybersecurity products for a market that is among the most vulnerable to and impacted by cyberattacks,” said Dane Walther, SVP and GM of media and carrier for Akamai. “While headline-grabbing attacks tend to involve larger brands, it’s small businesses with limited security budgets and skills that are often hit the hardest by an incident. With the latest enhancements to our SPS Secure Business solutions, we’re making it even easier for ISPs to extend Akamai’s unmatched security capabilities and threat intelligence to their SMB customers to enhance those relationships and protect their own business in the process.”