Content Delivery & Security Association Launches Content Protection Month


The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), the international industry advocate for content security announces the launch of Content Protection Month in collaboration with numerous major studios and production companies.

This coordinated industry-wide initiative is designed to raise awareness across all business units and service provider partners to educate and enculturate everyone who is part of content creation to personally embrace content protection and security. The campaign will emphasize the industry’s need to educate, empower and engage at all levels.

“In this new platinum age of production, the entertainment industry is creating more content than ever, resulting in a huge influx of people who touch content in various forms and at various times during its creation and distribution across all formats,” said Guy Finley, CDSA’s executive director.

Held in conjunction with National Cybersecurity Month individual events are being planned and hosted by CDSA Board member companies to increase synergy among their various internal departments, brands and partners. CDSA member companies, including Amazon Studios, Paramount Pictures, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers and Lionsgate, will participate in their own unique “Content Protection Day” tailored to meet their specific goals, corporate culture and appetite for scale and scope of their event.

CDSA is providing the tools and template to help raise awareness and make it everyone’s job at every level to safeguard content, inspire staff to serve as ambassadors and empower evangelists to promote content protection around the world.