HITS Fall: Genpact Heads Talk New Approaches to Copyright Enforcement

It’s a hyper-connected world and media and entertainment companies are constantly on the lookout for new, digital solutions to protect their content, their brand and their standards.

But M&E firms are also served by having an overall battle plan, making sure everyone internally is on the same page, and by embedding smart workflows and AI into content operations, in order to detect violations faster and address the root causes, according to several experts with professional services firm Genpact.

“In the world we live in today, very hyper-connected, sharing is second nature,” said Maninder Singh, VP and media and entertainment business lead for Genpact, speaking Oct. 3 during the HITS Fall breakout session “Content Protection and Moderation: When Sharing is Second Nature, How do you Safeguard High-Value, Copyrighted Content?” Addressing that hyper-connected reality continues to be a struggle for content owners, especially internally, he added.

Mike O’Donoghue, VP of digital automation for Genpact, said that many M&E companies have good tech in place today to combat content piracy.

Many organizations, they’re very good about detection, they’re very good about watermarking and fingerprinting technologies,” he said. But, still, some don’t know what to do next, once they have found a copyright violation. Disparate arms of the same company often don’t communicate well enough, and lack an overall plan. “Many organizations have been doing things a certain way for a very long time, a lot of the information is in people’s heads, it’s often paper-based, in Excel, in email,” he said. “Processes and procedures evolve over time.”

Pradeep Ramasamy, VP and head of trust and safety practice for the company, said many companies still rely on content theft detection processes used for physical products, and aren’t up to speed with the digital world. “With a lot of new applications coming out, how are companies working with these technologies to track the data? How does one protect and manage data in a digital environment?” he said. “Can there be a solution that … connects all these groups, these enterprises, and manage them?

“We see a big challenge in enforcing even simple rules in this whole process.”

The trip of Genpact experts offered a framework to show attendees how to better protect their content, pinpointed the behaviors that drive copyright violations, and offered a new approach to copyright enforcement, with a three-pillar solution that includes digital technologies, people and process, and dynamic workflow.

“What we see companies struggling with is connecting the dots,” Ramasamy said. “How do you take your process for content protection and apply it to each geography, and create a governance around it? Create visibility on what to act on?”

HITS Fall was presented by Entertainment Partners, with sponsorship by Genpact, VBI, edgescan, LiveTiles, MarkLogic, EIDR, Signiant, Cinelytic, Microsoft Azure, Richey May Technology Solutions and Comcast Technology Solutions.

The event was produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and the Hollywood IT Society (HITS), in association with Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH); the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA); and the Smart Content Council.

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