IBC 2019: Watermarking, Cybersecurity Solutions and More Headed to Amsterdam

From new watermarking solutions and content protection ideas, to everything you need to protect your organization against the latest cyberattacks, members of the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will bring the latest in the security space to IBC.

This story covers what MESA’s members are up to in the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) arena, with previews for Akamai, EditShare, Google Cloud, IBM Security, NAGRA and SHIFT.


At IBC 2019, Hall 1.D35, Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, will showcase solutions that can support OTT operators’ revenue goals, manage viewers and secure valuable content and services against evolving piracy and cyber threats. These solutions are designed to help operators meet the performance and security requirements demanded by today’s audiences and a multi-faceted threat landscape.

Media companies are among the organizations most targeted by cyber-attackers, with threat actors looking to capture viewer data, hijack and cripple services, or steal critical media assets or information. Akamai is announcing several security innovations at IBC that protect content, customer data and the enterprise.

• Watermarking – Scalable watermarking support from Akamai, pre-integrated with several leading third-party providers, makes it easier to label content so that it becomes identifiable in the event of theft, allowing operators to more simply trace pirated content back to the source.
Access Revocation – This offers OTT operators control over individual viewing sessions in order to prevent users from illicitly sharing video streams.

• Customer Identity Management – Akamai Identity Cloud helps OTT operators to securely hold viewer identity data separate from their own network, helping them remain compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

• Enterprise and Web Security – Akamai will showcase its Enterprise Threat Protector solution at IBC, part of its broad portfolio of security solutions to protect against crimes from ransomware to credential stuffing. Hall 1.D35


EditShare, a technology specialist in collaboration, security, and intelligent storage solutions for media creation and management, will unveil Flow 2020 at IBC 2019 at Hall 7.A35). The future-forward release features AI-powered audio transcription and video recognition services, newsroom computer system integration and an enhanced northbound facing API, providing a clever and highly extensible media control layer with embedded production tools to manage, edit media and automate fast-paced workflows.

The flexible Flow 2020 architecture, combined with a subscription-based model, provides customers an onramp to the cloud with extensive support for leading vendors including Amazon S3, Backblaze, Google, Microsoft Azure, and Wasabi enabling them to scale productions at will.

New Flow 2020 features and capabilities shown at IBC2019 include:

• Flow AI: Flow AI is a new AI-powered module featuring video (object/people) recognition and audio transcription services. With Flow AI, users can automate indexing of recognizable assets such as a celebrity or everyday objects as well as transcribe audio files into text-based transcriptions. The enriched video and audio assets can be easily and quickly searched and retrieved for use in production.

• Flow News: Flow News offers MOS integration for news environments, bridging the gap between the production team and the NRCS and playout, enabling faster and more efficient news workflows.

• Flow API: Flow’s impressive API gateway bridges collaboration and workflow across multi-vendor installations. New for IBC2019 is integration with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl. Hall 7.A35

Google Cloud

Google Cloud will be among the more busy companies at IBC, featuring nearly two dozen partners at its booth, regular booth sessions on machine learning, CDNs, security and more, and executives speaking on panels all week. The company will share how clients can thrive in the new age of video, by delivering video seamlessly, adding intelligence to content, and extracting value from data. Hall 14.E01


At IBC 2019, NAGRA will demonstrate how pay TV operators and content owners can enable true digital transformation by embracing innovation and rethinking business models.

NAGRA’s holistic approach to content protection goes beyond traditional CAS and DRM technologies to ensure operators are armed to overcome the many threats levied against their services. This includes direct threats to content, as well as broader threats at the service level from the increasing adoption of IoT devices. These cloud-based solutions elegantly scale across operations of different sizes, provide online trial options and leverage adaptive security for optimal performance across a vast client device ecosystem. NAGRA solutions showcased at IBC 2019 include:

Key components of the NAGRA Scalable Service Protection offering, these solutions enable operators, content owners and sports leagues to protect their premium live channels and VOD assets, while fighting the growing threat of illicit content sharing and commercial piracy. NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services and forensic watermarking technologies enable effective action by stopping piracy at the source, marking content delivered to devices, disrupting pirate content delivery infrastructure or blocking pirate service access by working with residential ISPs. Hall 1.C81

IBM Security

The team from IBM Security will be on hand to show how rethinking your approach to cybersecurity can result in better protection against emerging threats. Securing the journey to hybrid cloud, stopping threats with compliance, preparing your business for addressing risk and speeding up the process for uncovering threats, staying up to date with industry standards and providing added value to your customers, and how to ingrain security into your organization and unlock business potential will all be addressed. Hall 7.B25


Those booking meetings with SHIFT will have team members go over their video production and post production needs, give a demo of the new SHIFT platform and answer any questions they may have about the company. The video collaboration and media management for post-production platform collects all your review links from different platforms in one place, and includes on-screen mark-up and frame-accurate comments. Hall F.P10