ISE’s Harrington to Discuss ‘The Accidental Insider’ at July 25 M&E Day in NYC


Ted Harrington, executive partner with Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) will have a message for attendees of the Content Protection Summit July 25, during the Media & Entertainment Day event in New York City: not all threats know they’re a threat at all.

His presentation — “The Accidental Insider” — will look at how some attackers aren’t motivated to attack your organization, but instead do something unwise, like clicking on a bad link, or using a infected USB drive. Harrington will share ideas on how to deal with the accidental insider in your organization, including technical defenses that can minimize the damage, security training, and more.

“Attendees can expect to learn how the insider threat isn’t one concept but a collection of concepts, and will walk away with some ideas for how to deal with insiders,” Harrington said.

Not all defenses will work for all attacker types — no amount of training would be effective against the determined malicious insider — but ISE’s presentation will offer insight and fundamentals on how to approach unique, emerging threats.

The Media & Entertainment Day is being produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), in association with the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and the Smart Content Council, and is presented by Microsoft, with sponsorship by Akamai, BTI Studios, Independent Security Evaluators, LiveTiles, MarkLogic, RSG Media, ThinkAnalytics, Amazon Web Services, the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and Richey May Technology Solutions.

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