Videocites Launches Re-Streaming Detection Service

AI-based content protection and management services firm Videocites is launching a new service that automatically tracks illegally shared streaming video on social media platforms, covering both live events and theatrical and TV content.

The Discover Live service is based on Videocites’ machine learning-enabled, video-based search engine, which compares legitimate live streams to streaming video taking place on social platforms, in real time. The service is designed to eliminate manual searches of illegally streamed content, and notify rights’ holders of piracy within minutes.

“Discover Live is designed specifically to facilitate IP protection of live events and VOD live-streaming,” said Eyal Arad, CEO and co-founder of Videocites. “It’s fully automated and built to scale.”

Content companies utilizing the cloud-based service will see Discover Live examine every new, unauthorized live stream that is uploaded, at any given moment throughout the event, from the moment the live video begins, to the moment it ends. Once an illegal stream is detected, the social media platform is immediately notified with a take-down notice.

While geared toward detecting illegal streams of live events, the service can also be used to detect illegal streaming of past events, as well as TV and film titles, Arad said. Additionally, Discover Live collects available metadata from illegal streams, and offers rights holders’ analytics around exposure and piracy patterns.

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