DXC Technology Launches Operations Center in Malaysia to Combat Growing Cybersecurity Threats in Asia (CDSA)

DXC Technology inaugurated a DXC Next Generation Security Operations Center (SOC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Serving both regional and global clients, the Malaysia SOC helps strengthen and enhance overall security of enterprises by integrating advanced security analytics across information technology and operational technology to provide better visibility, correlation and response to security threats and vulnerabilities.

The center is Next Generation as it supports DXC Intelligent Security Operations, providing expertise in advanced analytics, digital forensics, investigations and incident response and tailored solutions to protect the digital enterprise.

As noted in DXC’s “Top 10 Security Trends for 2019” report, enterprises must guard against a wide range of threats, including extortion attacks, hardware vulnerabilities and increased international tension. Additionally, the challenge of recruiting and retaining skilled cybersecurity professionals is making security a top priority for enterprises across the region.

“While digital transformation delivers business value, it can also introduce security risks,” said Mark Hughes, senior vice president and general manager, Security, DXC Technology. “DXC Security’s end-to-end portfolio of advisory services and managed security helps clients draw out a competitive niche by building security into the fabric of applications, infrastructure and culture to help enable large-scale digital change.”

DXC has intensified investments in its Security practice to help clients better manage cybersecurity risks. The DXC Malaysia SOC is integrated with the DXC Managed Security Services global network of more than a dozen SOCs, providing 24/7 cyber threat detection and response services to clients in industries such as financial services, travel and transportation, and media and entertainment.

Multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled security professionals at the Malaysia SOC specialize in services such as identity and access management, data loss prevention, security device management, digital forensics, threat intelligence, threat monitoring and incident response.

Additionally, cybersecurity today is merged with big data analytics, where security detection and response capabilities are amplified through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The team works with clients to define their challenges and develop use cases for their specific needs. The Malaysia SOC’s security accreditations meet local and international laws and regulations.

“In the digital era, technology can sometimes be disruptive. The scope of technology risk management is continuously expanding. A greater focus on a proactive approach to data and client protection, coupled with high-quality incident management solutions, can guide stakeholders in the event of a cyberattack,” said Koushik Radhakrishnan, vice president and general manager, DXC Asia. “DXC is a leader in risk management and cybersecurity globally and has invested in the Malaysia SOC to ensure alignment with the strategic investments for our clients in the region.”

DXC is an industry leader in enterprise security, with global security operation centers across five continents, supporting clients in 70-plus countries and more than 3,500 highly experienced security professionals worldwide. DXC capabilities include the full suite of cyber security services and solutions, including advisory services, security operations and risk management. Along with cyber defense blueprints for rapid deployment and proven cyber-reference architecture, DXC Security helps clients manage diverse threat environments effectively.