M&E Journal: We’re All Guardians of Our Industry’s Content

(Executives with the Trusted Partner Network will present at the April 7 Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit in Las Vegas)

By Cyril Rickelton-Abdi, Chair, Community & Outreach, Advisory Committee, Trusted Partner Network –

Launched in April 2018, the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), the industry security consortium jointly operated by the a joint venture of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) — has already enjoyed an amazing reception.

Dozens of media and entertainment companies are represented and approximately 500 vendor companies have been in the process of qualifying to join, undergoing an annual TPN security assessment that demonstrates they support industrywide security controls on site and with the upcoming launch of TPN’s new Application & Cloud Security Initiative, which works with technology vendors and their customers to identify and prevent application, device, storage and workflow vulnerabilities.

But along with the site assessments and the cloud and app security initiative, there’s a third, crucial leg involved with the TPN program: the people. Hence, we at TPN are set to launch our new Guardians Program, a security education and collaboration network for individuals involved in content production and distribution.

At launch, the Program will assist companies and their employees in adopting secure practices and procedures, as well as ensure that the tools and workflows utilized in both content creation and the distribution process are secure. Participating sites will appoint an individual, or group of individuals, who will take a leadership role within their organizations, in order to communicate content security learnings and training opportunities to company teams.

Beyond building and maintaining a global community — one that seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within our industry — and establishing a single benchmark of minimum security preparedness for all those involved in TPN, wherever they work, and whatever their specialty, the goals of the program are many:

* Increase awareness of TPN and its services.

* Increase TPN’s visibility of stakeholders’ needs, in order to improve execution and enhancements of services.

* Update and maintain existing policies and processes based on specific workflow considerations.

* Increase compliance and utilization of TPN programs and best practices.

* Ensure and verify that TPN processes are utilized consistently on a global basis.

By creating a unified, global program, members will have access to centralized database to receive training, news, collaboration sessions, updates, support and engagement materials.

Those who choose to serve as TPN Guardians will lead their teams in content and information security, and will be the first to receive TPN updates to policies and news that can benefit their companies. Guardians will be assigned tasks in support of TPN’s program mission, receiving training on specific topics, and passing along provided materials to help train their teams and other relevant staff within their companies.

Guardians will receive regular training, monthly newsletters, marketing and engagement materials, and will have access to a dedicated web portal with the resources they need to act as Guardians for their companies. Along with monthly updates, the upcoming NAB Show will also see a dedicated track regarding the Guardians Program.

We believe the Guardians’ feedback will be critical to the ongoing development and success of the program, with TPN looking to these Guardians to identify and address gaps through training.

What makes TPN work is the people involved, and by making sure training and awareness are embedded in the corporate culture of every studio, TPN’s Guardians will help maximize the security of products, productions and personnel.

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