Akamai CEO on the Company’s Push Toward Cybersecurity (Forbes)


Tom Leighton: “We have always believed that the best way to deliver content and protect assets on the Internet is through what we call an edge platform or edge network. The traditional cloud and data centers are in the core or the middle. There are a limited amount of big cloud data centers, and they have big transit pipes coming into them. However, the capacity there is quite small. The vast amount of capacity on the Internet as the last mile connections into homes, offices, and schools is at least two orders of magnitude bigger than at the core. This creates a problem when you want to deliver content because if everybody is watching an event, that creates a great deal of demand out of the edge, especially now that so many countries have strong last mile connectivity. As a result, the core gets swamped, which is what we looked to solve when we started the company 20 years ago.”