Entertainment Partners Achieves ISO 27001 Certification (CDSA)

Entertainment Partners has announced that it is one of first entertainment firms to achieve certification for ISO 27001, an international standard for information security management systems. ISO 27001 is among the better-known standards in the ISO 27000 family, which are geared toward helping organizations better manage the security of assets, ranging from intellectual property to financial information.

“Between our SOC 2 and now ISO 27001 certifications, we’re taking a systematic approach to security controls throughout all aspects of our business,” Martin Mazor, CISO for Entertainment Partners, wrote in an announcement. “You can rest assured that EP is using every resource available to protect your sensitive data.”

The ISO 27001 certification for EP demonstrates “credibility and confidence” in how the company manages risk, he continued, showing that EP is following information security best practices, and delivering independent, expert assessments of whether data is adequately protected.

The certification also provides international acceptance for the quality of the company’s information security management system, shows EP has an enterprise security program, and increases security awareness throughout the business (with training and involvement).