CDSA Releases First Film and Television Production Security Guidelines

Guidelines for protecting film and television productions against cyber and physical breaches have been released by the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), the worldwide media and entertainment security association.

Version 1.0 of their new CDSA Film & Television Production Security Guidelines contains guidance and information that every producer and crew member needs to know to secure their intellectual property on-set, near-set or on-location.

The Guidelines, which includes the 100-page complete standard, a 28-page Executive Summary and a one-page Security Checklist, were commissioned by CDSA’s Board of Directors and written over the past 18 months by a working group of studio content and cybersecurity executives from Amazon Studios, Amblin Entertainment, AMC, Bad Robot, BBC, Fox, Paramount, Marvel, Netflix, NBCUniversal, Turner, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros, in cooperation with contributing members of the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA).

To download your free copy of CDSA’s Film & Television Production Security Guidelines, Supporting Documents and Checklist click here.

“Our Working Group has worked diligently to create an industry-security standard for preventing and defending against unauthorized or unintentional access to media assets from pre-to-post production,” said Cyril Rickelton-Abdi, Production Security Work Group Co-Chair. “Additionally, we have strived to create guidelines that can be understood and apply on any production and for any producer.”

The Guideline’s fundamental recommendation is that every production should form a Security Team made up of representatives from all the production departments, that ultimately adapts these Guidelines to fit their unique production workflows and environment. Based upon these Guidelines, the Security Team can then collectively manage the four-core elements of every production’s security program: People, Physical, Assets, and Data.

“Understanding how these Guidelines work together, build on each other, depend on each other, use similar functions and rules, and relate the physical to the virtual spaces and assets, will enable the Security Team to better plan for and promote smart secure practices on every production,” said Lulu Zezza, Production Security Work Group Work Group Co-Chair.

CDSA’s Production Security Working Group (PSWG) is open to participation by CDSA Board member companies and other invited guests. For questions, comments, or to communicate with the PSWG’s Co-Chairs, please e-mail: [email protected].