LiveTiles, Nucleus Cyber Launch the Intelligent Secure Workplace (CDSA)

LiveTiles announced a technology partnership and product launch with Nucleus Cybery. LiveTiles’ Intelligent Workplace Solution will now include Nucleus Cyber’s data security platform, and provide customers increased capabilities to protect against inside threats including breaches, sensitive data misuse and unauthorized file access.

“Microsoft estimates 400,000+ organizations (more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500) leverage SharePoint Online in their Office 365 subscription,” said Karl Redenbach, Co-Founder and CEO of LiveTiles. “The addition of Nucleus Cyber to LiveTiles’ solution is a significant intelligent workplace market development, given today’s enterprise-wide security challenges.”

Gartner forecasts worldwide Information Security spending to exceed $124 Billion in 2019. This specific area of Data Security is the second fastest growing segment (an estimated 15 percent increase in 2019). Demand for enhanced security technology is being driven by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) pressures on organizations along with growing security concerns around corporate and personal data.

The Intelligent Solution for a Secure Workplace

LiveTiles’ Intelligent Secure Workplace Solution, which combines LiveTiles Design, LiveTiles Intelligence, LiveTiles Bots and Hyperfish, will be enhanced by the additional data security capabilities of Nucleus Cyber’s AI-driven platform. Nucleus Cyber enables advanced data security protection including the Microsoft suite of workplace solutions, for SharePoint and Office 365, and provides security for all environments including on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Nucleus Cyber empowers enterprises to automatically find, classify and secure unstructured data in their digital environment, and determine how this information is accessed with context-aware granular controls.

“LiveTiles is about improving collaboration. This partnership adds tighter security measures around the platform, which is a proactive next step for customers to mitigate inside threats that result from data access and sharing,” said Kurt Mueffelmann, CEO of Nucleus Cyber. “With Nucleus Cyber’s AI-driven features, LiveTiles adds intelligent security that automatically determines who can access information and what they can do with it through context-awareness, including geo-fencing, to ensure secure collaboration within organizations and trusted third parties.”

The pressure on organizations to be competitive in a digital era requires a fine balancing act between freely sharing information in and out of a business, while also maintaining a security and compliance posture. The Intelligent Secure Workplace Solution is now available for mid-sized and large organizations in the financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, public sector and legal industries, all of which are greatly impacted by this challenge and growing global security regulations. This new partnership between LiveTiles and Nucleus Cyber will offer organizations globally a reliable solution to their present and future content security challenges.