Convergent Risks Expands to Tackle TPN Security Assessments, Consultancy Demands

Risk identification, assessment and mitigation specialist Convergent Risks has announced it’s expanding its resources by 50% to meet increased demand for both the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) security assessments and also in its consultancy division for pre-assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Additional security assessors and testers will be joining the Convergent team between now and January in key global locations.

Since the launch of the TPN program earlier this year, the flow of vendor assessments has gathered significant momentum. TPN provides an industry benchmark for security assessments and standards for companies working in media and entertainment. This is a major industry initiative and the TPN is supported by the MPAA, CDSA, ACE and their members.

“We are pleased to be stepping up capacity and expanding our consultancy division to align with the success of the TPN program,” said Chris Johnson, CEO and president of Convergent Risks said.

“In preparation for a TPN assessment, there are security controls referenced in the MPAA Best Practices that vendors realize they want to improve or remediate prior to their on-site visit. Not all facilities are ready for the assessments and seek guidance through our pre-assessments, pen testing, policy development and GDPR compliance services. We are now offering targeted annual penetration testing with monthly vulnerability scanning on a subscription basis which makes it easier for the smaller vendors to digest financially.

“I am delighted to welcome some very skilled new members to our team especially as cybercrime and piracy threats persist and continue to rise as we have witnessed through the year,” Johnson said.

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