Trusted Partner Network to Launch App & Cloud Initiative in 2019

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN), an industry security consortium of 28 media and entertainment companies represented by the MPAA and CDSA, has announced the 2019 launch of its new Application & Cloud Security Initiative, which will work with technology vendors and their customers to identify and prevent application, device, storage and workflow vulnerabilities.

TPN was launched last April to create a collaborative platform for preventing leaks, breaches and hacks of film and television content by elevating the security standards of the industry’s production and distribution supply chain. This Phase II of TPN’s development follows the success of the program’s initial vendor site security program, which already involves over 500 industry-leading facilities and service providers worldwide.

“Technology is the backbone of today’s digital entertainment supply chain; and securing the tools of our business is vital to our industry’s active efforts to protect our content from script to screen,” explains Ben Stanbury, TPN CTO. “Especially as those tools migrate to the virtual world, application and cloud security are a critical component in every content security strategy and, moving forward, will be a core component of the TPN.”

The TPN provides vendors with a voluntary, cost-effective way to assess the security preparedness of their facilities, staffs, workflows and products against industry best practices. Vendors who complete a TPN assessment are published in the Vendor Roster directory on the TPN platform that is accessible to content owners and producers worldwide.

TPN’s App & Cloud Security control framework is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2018; roll-out of the new assessment programs, training curriculum and recruitment of qualified assessors are scheduled to take place during Q2 of 2019. The final program will fully integrate with the TPN Vendor Roster so that automated vulnerability alerts can be addressed to all relevant facilities when they are first identified.

“The roll-out of our App & Cloud Security initiative is part of TPN’s ongoing dynamic improvement efforts to address all of the content security challenges faced by the media & entertainment industry,” explains TPN Chairman and MPAA SVP and associate general counsel Dan Robbins. “We welcome participation from the many companies that support our industry with technologies that contribute to the secure creation, production, post production, marketing and distribution of our content.”

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