IBC 2018: NAGRA Launches NexGuard QuickMark Watermarking Solution


Just ahead of the IBC Show, NAGRA announced it’s launching a new watermarking solution, designed specifically to combat premium live sports piracy on open devices.

Dubbed NexGuard QuickMark, the new solutions complements existing NexGuard watermarking technology for set-tops and is a new part of NAGRA’s suite of anti-piracy services. The solution enables identification of the subscriber at the source of the pirated stream, and using real-time fingerprinting, discovers pirated streams from the internet, social media and illicit streaming devices.

A client-side solution, NexGuard QuickMark does not require any modifications to current encoding, DRM or CDN systems, and is integrated with the NAGRA OpenTV Player, a secure player geared toward the the delivery of premium content services on open client devices, and third-party players.

NexGuard QuickMark will be available for premium sports service providers later this year.

“The key to combatting OTT piracy of live sport events is to identify its source and shut it down quickly,” said Harrie Tholen, VP of sales of NAGRA anti-piracy and NexGuard NAGRA. “NexGuard QuickMark is a watermarking solution for open client devices, that, when combined with a secure player, gives service providers and content owners the ability to detect which subscriber is re-streaming their live sports event and put a stop to it in real-time. It’s a must-have in their anti-piracy toolset.”

NAGRA also announced that NexGuard QuickMark has been integrated with Inside Secure’s Content Protection Client, which will allow live TV streaming services to offer more enhanced content protection services, the companies announced.

“Protecting content owners’ ever-higher investments in rights such as for live sports is critically important for our customers,” said Simon Wilson Blake, COO of Inside Secure. “Our Content Protection Client, with the company’s patented Core(tm) technology, ensures that watermark payload insertion cannot be circumvented or removed, providing customers with solid protection against illicit activities.”

NAGRA’s anti-piracy services and NexGuard watermarking and content protection solutions will be on display at IBC at stand No. 1.C81, at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam.