ISE’s Charitable Giving Campaign Has Information Security Hook

Security consulting firm Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) has launched new initiative, dubbed “Buy One / Give One,” that rewards companies that invest in a security assessment or consulting engagement with ISE with a matching service to a charity of the client’s choosing.

The goal of the campaign is to offer security support to charitable organizations that may not have the resources to invest in security, according to Ted Harrington, executive partner with ISE.

“Charities rightly allocate as much of their funding as possible to the causes they exist to support, thereby leaving only minimal resources for operational overhead, including security,” he said. “Yet, charities are enticing targets for a variety of attacker types. We wanted to do something about that.

“The value then comes back to our own people at ISE as our team gets to use their talents altruistically to help great organizations do meaningful work. We aim to provide our niche specialty of security assessments in a way that delivers value in multiple ways, impacting multiple entities in the towns and cities we live in,” Harrington added.

ISE and media partner ITSP Magazine will promote the offering through Sept. 30,

“Cyber safety in society shouldn’t be limited to those with huge budgets and the expertise to implement a program,” said Marco Ciappelli, co-founder and creative director of ITSP Magazine. “When Ted mentioned the ‘Buy One / Give One’ campaign to us, we knew we wanted to partner with ISE to be part of making a difference.”