How IBM Security is Helping Cybersecurity Pros Collaborate Like the Bad Guys (TechRepublic)


Sridhar Muppidi, Co-CTO of IBM Security: “We think collaboration, just like the bad guys are collaborating with each other with sharing attack pipes and data. Similarly, the good guys have to collaborate with each other so that we can provide a better and more secure and robust systems. So we talk about how do we share the good intelligence. We also talk about sharing good practices, so that we can then build more robust systems which are a lot more secure.

“IBM Security started with collaboration a few years ago. We started this X-Force Exchange as a portal to be able to exchange and share tech intelligence. This is about reputation of an IP address. You can go and type in a specific IP address and it’ll help you understand how good or bad it is and the risk associated with that. More recently, we partnered with a clearing house called PCH for a project called Quad9. So when you change your DNS to, it helps you with not only detecting bad DNS domains and it helps you in terms of protecting against source.”