The Era of the Chief Privacy Officer: How the Newest C-Suite Role is Protecting Consumers, Companies (Adweek)


While Facebook’s ongoing privacy fiasco thrust it into a massive reputation crisis—not to mention the crosshairs of lawmakers and regulatory agencies—it also laid bare the murky, ever-changing world of data privacy, where consumers’ trust and personal information vie with the business interests of companies and organizations.

Enter the chief privacy officer. Once a marginal player among a handful of companies, increasingly businesses are deploying gatekeeping CPOs tasked with not only setting privacy strategy, but also protecting customers’ interests—while navigating the shifting landscape of regulatory compliance. According to the recent PwC 2018 Global State of Information Security survey, 79 percent of institutions worth $10 billion or more have installed a privacy executive; while those worth between $15 billion and $25 billion say 81 percent have.