Interview with Jason Brvenik, CTO, NSS Labs (Infosecurity)


If the cybersecurity industry has transitioned to the concept of detecting rather than blocking, how capable are businesses of actually detecting the threats?

Brvenik explained that he had joined NSS Labs to build out the company’s security testing programs and cyber-threat protection technologies to address the many gaps that exist in security today, and bring out “truth in security” for buyers when evaluating vendors. He told Infosecurity that products are tested in “a way that allows us to make comparisons as not all networks and systems are the same,” although he did claim that “it’s incredibly difficult to test in general and create environments that are like a real world conditions.”

Brvenik claimed that NSS Labs “go to extreme lengths to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to put their best foot forward and configure as an enterprise would do so and then test them in the same way.” This means that there is “no way for us to turn around and produce a report that is unfair.”