Compliance in the Cloud – An Opportunity (CBR)


Time is nearly up. The day of reckoning when it comes to data protection is nearly upon us, with May 25th 2018 marked in bold in every business calendar or diary. The General Data Protection Regulation, or its more popular moniker GDPR, has cast an omnipresent shadow over global business for the last year, with a myriad of surveys and research repeatedly warning against non-compliance – normally with the much used adjective of ‘unprepared’.

When it came to GDPR, business leaders were inundated with shocking stats postulating that GDPR was not fully understood, was not a boardroom issue, was regarded as a box-ticking exercise, and that businesses lacked awareness of the rules and fines involved. One aspect which was seized upon by one report was the disconnect between confidence and compliance. According to the Trend Micro study, 88% of UK businesses were confident that their data security measures were first rate and could not be further improved. However, the same report found that 56% did not know that email marketing databases counted as personal information, with a further 73% admitting that they did not know the full potential extent of GDPR fines.