Scaeva Technologies CEO Discusses the Importance of Protection (Mix Magazine)


Scaeva Technologies has come up with a process whereby all digital content will be created in an encrypted form, with encryption and decryption capabilities built into the DAW, as well as simple standalone decryption modules. The innovation is an “on the fly” low-latency encryption feature using fewer than 64 sample buffers within the DAW’s signal path.

Scaeva CEO Steve Curd explains: “With this capability, a key can be designated at the beginning of a session, and tracks are automatically encrypted with this key during the tracking process. As the tracks are mixed and edited, they are decrypted in memory before processing, then re-encrypted before saving.”

The hope is that DAW manufacturers will embrace this process, which is both elegant and secure. According to Curd, several DAW manufacturers have shown interest in bringing top-level protection to their customers, with the goal of making the process as transparent as possible.