IBM Says That Multi-Tiered Security is the Need of the Hour (NDTV)


Security and privacy are both topics that have been gaining in importance of late, and it’s a trend that makes sense as more of our lives migrate to the Internet. But getting people to use good passwords and follow strong security protocols remains a challenge. IBM – among other companies – has studied this problem and has worked on a report to figure out what the future of accessing identity online is going to be. Gadgets 360 chatted with Kartik Shahani, Integrated Security Leader IBM India and South Asia, to learn about the study.

“The study was to understand how data breaches happen, what is the unique way that people break and spoof identity?” Shahani explained. “The intent was to figure out, what IBM should do to be future-ready?”

Part of the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough security solutions at hand, he added, but rather that the correct use of security solutions is not taking place.