5 Strategic Priorities for Chief Security Officers in 2018 (Forbes)


Jeff Erickson, Oracle: In 2018, two data security problems are screaming for more automation.

First is security alert overload. There are too many security alerts coming from across today’s hybrid IT systems — think tens of thousands—for humans to manage. Second is unpatched vulnerabilities. There are way too many unpatched IT assets leaving security vulnerabilities unaddressed. “That’s because an IT team needs to find a time to bring down the software and patch it, and there’s never a good time to do that,” says [Akshay] Bhargava. This means that applications, databases, open source software, network software, servers, “all remain unpatched long after a vulnerability is found and widely shared between hackers.”

In short: CSOs find themselves with too many alerts to track, even if they manage to find well-trained IT security staff, and too much unpatched infrastructure that’s just begging for hackers to exploit.