Ransomware Outlook: 542 Crypto-Lockers and Counting (BankInfoSecurity)


Ransomware continues to pose a clear and present threat to businesses and consumers.

“From a business standpoint, the biggest threat, especially at the end of last year, was ransomware,” says Adam Kujawa, director of malware intelligence at security firm Malwarebytes.

One measure of the problem is the many different types of ransomware available to would-be cybercriminals, be they based in their parents’ basement or part of a larger organized crime ring.

ID Ransomware, a site that allows victims to upload a ransom note or encrypted file to identify the ransomware that crypto-locked them, now counts 542 ransomware families, starting with 4rw5w, 777 and 7ev3n, and ending with ZipLocker, Zipper and Zyklon.

That count represents a sharp increase from October 2016, when the service listed just 200 ransomware families.

It’s unclear how many of the 342 new types of ransomware have been built from scratch or may have been modified from previous efforts.