Why Cybersecurity Should be Treated Like a Disease (TechRepublic)


TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson met with contributor and former Obama Cybersecurity Adviser Greg Michaelidis to discuss why cybersecurity is a human problem, and how companies can better communicate about cybersecurity solutions. Below is a transcription of the interview.

Patterson: Cybersecurity is too often treated as a tack-on to other business objectives, and instead, it’s wise to think about cybersecurity and solutions for cybersecurity more like a disease, more like you would treat a healthcare problem. Tell me more about that, Greg.

Michaelidis: My admonition for 2018 is to not forget to go the last mile in cybersecurity. You’ll spend a lot of money and effort getting almost to the finish line, to use a sports metaphor, but then in order to really make sure that the policies and procedures in security are getting embedded—that’s when I think we really need to see information security as more of a public health crisis.

I have an article that I’m going to be publishing soon that I’m sharing for the first time here with TechRepublic viewers and readers that treating cybersecurity more like diabetes is actually the way we ought to be approaching this, where you have behaviors that you can train and make habitual and have repeated by your doctor or your caregiver or your teachers, and make those just very regular parts of your life. It’s really a behavioral issue more than a technological issue in a lot of ways.