Cybersecurity in 2018: What Will the New Year Bring? (Silicon Republic)


2017 saw election interference speculation, a slew of data breaches and major ransomware attacks. What should we be keeping an eye out for as the new year begins?

Cybersecurity has never occupied the public consciousness quite the way it did in 2017. From the Equifax breach to the devastation caused by the WannaCry ransomware attack, barely a month went by that didn’t involve a faux pas of some kind.

As technology shifts and evolves, new challenges will be presented in the world of cybersecurity, so spoke to some experts about what to expect over the next 12 months.

IoT security will continue to be an issue

According to Ian Kilpatrick, executive vice-president of cybersecurity for Nuvias Group, IoT acceleration in 2018 will bring convenience and benefits, but also its fair share of problems. “Manufacturers are not yet routinely building security into IoT devices,” he said, adding that 2018 will see further problems thanks to unsecured IoT devices.

“IoT is a major threat and possibly the biggest threat to businesses in the coming years.

“Unfortunately, it is not easy – and, in some cases, impossible – to bolt on security as an afterthought with IoT, and many organisations will find it challenging to deal with the consequences of such breaches,” Kilpatrick said.